Rainbow Bridge Preschool

fs_2848968921 26th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 528-6172
Tue, Wed, and Thu
8:45 – 12:45
For 3,4, and 5 year old

fs_284900Rainbow Bridge began in the Wedgewood neighborhood in 1994, and it has been sharing the essential value of education, widening the social circle, and creating the fun memories among Seattleite families.

I completed the Curative Education Seminar in Camphill Special School (Waldorf school for children with special needs) in Pennsylvania.

I’m also a trained Waldorf kindergarten teacher (Waldorf Institute, New York)


Free play – Activities: painting (Tue), baking (Wed), craft (Thu) – Circle – Snack – Outdoor play (game, woodwork, washing + raking) – Lunch – Story and goodbye circle


Parents are encouraged to attend his/her birthday celebration. It is the special moment to share in the change and growth each child has accomplished.

Play morning (social): First Mon. in August
Home visit: August
Welcoming the Fall: Last Wed. in August
First Day: Wed. after Labor Day
Morning in the park: First Sat. in October
Winter Solstice Celebration: December
Year End Games Day: June
Last Day: Thu. in mid-June

fs_284898VISIT US

You and your child (young siblings, too) are welcome to visit us during the school hours. Please contact Yumiko Hirata for further information or to schedule your visit at (206) 528-6172, or e-mail me at hirata206@msn.com